Penguin Lighting and Irrigation's lighting professionals partner with the industry's leading landscape lighting manufacturers to bring superior lighting designs to life in your landscape.

design & rendering

Our design team can quickly and inexpensively put together a design and rendering, using actual photographs of your home, to show you what your lighting system could look like. Gone are the days of being unsure about whether to invest in a lighting system without knowing what the end result will be. See a sample rendering below.


Picking out your fixtures very well might be the hardest part of the lighting process. Luckily, the team at Penguin Lighting and Irrigation will work with you, for as long as we need to, to find the perfect fixtures for your landscape. We partner with the best lighting manufacturers in the industry to bring you a variety of fixtures in every style imaginable. Add to that the ability to pick custom paint colors and the choices are endless.


After working with you to finalize a design and picking out fixtures our team will work tirelessly to install your system and make your landscape more beautiful than ever. Most installations, even the largest, can typically be done in one day. After installation one of our lighting professionals will return around dusk to make final adjustments to each and every light to ensure that they are perfect.

led retrofit

Have an old, inefficient halogen system? We can convert it to LED and save you money on your utility bills. Don't worry, with today's technology there is no difference in color temperature, we can replace those halogen bulbs with warm white LEDs. Contact us today to find out how much we could save you every month!



An old lighting system gets bigger and better.

This customer had an existing lighting system that was several years old. Not only were their fixtures old and rusty, the halogen bulbs were very inefficient. We revamped the system by replacing the fixtures with energy efficient LED fixtures and by adding approximately 15 lights. We also redesigned the photometrics to create depth and interest by using fixtures of different wattages. Now their front yard is brighter, safer and more welcoming and warmer than ever.



A small backyard becomes larger at night.

This backyard is mostly pool and covered patio, which doesn't leave much room for landscaping. Enter the professional lighting designers. Using a variety of different fixtures and lighting techniques we were able to create the illusion of depth as well as a ton of visual interest. Now this backyard and pool can be enjoyed day or night without harsh lighting from the patio lighting fixtures.



A beautiful night-time water feature.

After recently relocating from Austin and having a remodel done on their backyard koi pond these homeowners called us to find out how they could make this space a night-time retreat. Our team moved swiftly to design and install this LED system and a few hours later the homeowners were enjoying their water feature along with a symphony provided by the frogs and toads who call it home.



A backyard that can now be enjoyed after the sun goes down.

Being the first one to live in this home our customer wasted no time in revamping both the front and backyard landscaping. Then the team at Penguin Lighting and Irrigation came in and finished it off, creating a relaxing landscape that can be enjoyed day or night.



A dark, unwelcoming landscape gets a facelift.

This customer shared with us that his neighbors always thought he was traveling because his house was so dark and uninviting. After our team of lighting professionals designed and installed the system this home and landscape became one of the brightest and most welcoming homes in the neighborhood.



Creative lighting for an inviting landscape.

This installation features many different but equally important lighting techniques including uplighting, downlighting, pathway lighting, specimen lighting, water feature lighting, overhead lighting and barbecue/outdoor kitchen lighting.



A new landscape gets night-time curb appeal.

After having a new landscape installed this customer wanted ideas to give his home a more welcoming look. Our team went to work taking measurements and designing the system and photometrics. Once approved we then went to work installing the system and left this landscape more beautiful by dusk.